Letter To René F. Jones

M&T Bank made a commitment to support Devotion USA’s work by reinvesting in our communities. However, some M&T Bank representatives would rather not honor commitments made to our communities. Devotion USA will not let them go back on their word. We are using our collective voice to appeal to M&T Bank’s CEO, René F. Jones. We are asking him to use his power to make things right.

Letter Excerpt:

“Mr. Jones, I write this letter as an appeal directly to you. Devotion USA, and our partnering organizations would like to build a productive relationship with M&T Bank. We are asking you to act as a leader, by helping M&T Bank stand on the side of progress – as opposed to standing on the side of an obsolete status quo. We would like to highlight M&T Bank’s positive efforts in the area of community reinvestment. We are asking you to help Devotion reinvest in our own communities via M&T Bank’s National Community Growth Plan…”

The full letter can be found here.

Call To Action:

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