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Devotion USA™ is a 501(c)4 economic and political advocacy organization. We create bridges between corporate and political institutions, and the local small businesses and community members they agree to serve.

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Devotion is an economic and political advocacy group based on the theory of Humanity-Based Economics.

Humanity-Based Economics requires that institutions strive to do “good,” and to do no harm, in pursuit of profits. The objective is to encourage economic and business practices that put the wellbeing of human beings and the living earth first.

True economic development and prosperity are generated when corporations, governments and other large institutions do business with local small business communities. The creation of these business relationships generate a “multiplier effect.” Small businesses contracting and providing needed services to corporate, government and institutional partners grows small business, creates jobs, increases incomes and feeds families. This multiplier effect has proven to drastically decrease unemployment, housing insecurity and poverty in communities.

The Humanity-Based Economics Rubric is used to evaluate institutions based upon research on their business practices. Data determines whether or not institutions are acting as productive and responsible members of local communities. Devotion helps institutions create relationships with local small business communities.

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Devotion’s President
Devotion USA is the brainchild of life-long Brooklyn educator, organizer and activist, Michael West. Michael West has pioneered economic development initiatives since 1982. Michael West founded Devotion in 2015. Under his leadership, in the 6 years since its inception, Devotion has expanded to have offices in multiple states.

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Devotion’s Coalition Building Strategy

Devotion’s Coalitions are inter-community and intra-community partnerships designed to mutually advocate for causes affecting our collective economic and social wellbeing.


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